The predicament: How can we share information including Dicom Images, with various medical service providers, which will allow them to develop an agreed set of treatment targets for the patients?

The solution: Develop, apply and maintain integrated systems into existing processes that currently deliver healthcare. The Nano Imaging integrated solution consists of a series of the latest generation tools, both hardware and software.

Capitalise on Exclusive Available Resources

ARTO Health - a new encryption and compression algorithm expressively developed for Medical DICOM image compression.

DicomNow - used to convert previous analogue films into a digital format that conforms to DICOM 3 standard protocols

DicomShare - provide flexible arrangements for virtual meetings between clinical networks that allow them to share and interact with each other's desktops and applications, during the tele-consult or Multi-disciplinary team meeting. Dicomshare uses AES 256bit encryption to share data through a standard internet conection.

The Virtual Radiology Academy will utilise the integrated solution to deliver a powerful library of high definition digital images, images that will allow the student to practice as if experiencing the real working life of diagnostics. Additionally they will have access to a Digital Image Museum consisting of thousands of certified images related to different pathologies.

Move the Images NOT the Radiologists

ARTO Health Web Access takes the sharing of Dicom Images to a New Level. As a broker of Dicom Images we can receive & deliver Radiology anywhere throughout the world.