Nano Imaging and Nisai have developed a web based Virtual Radiology Training program to provide on-line accreditation of Radiologists, Radiographers, Nursing staff and other Medical Personnel who wish to continue working and specialising in this sector. 

The globally available platform is very robust and enables anyone with access to the public Internet to access training material and to undertake on-line accreditation and compliance. The latest version is web 2.0 compatible.

ARTO Health provides a tool to deliver validated case studies with high resolution radiological images.

As the students work through these case studies they are required to interact on each page. Upon completion of the case studies the student completes an on-line evaluation.

The virtual environment, highly intuitive and intriguing, will allow the student to feel comfortable while they "navigate" the Academy in a pleasant and stimulating way. 

The student will have access to virtual chat areas, lesson rooms, research rooms and to a personal office space.

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