DicomNow - High Resolution - Rapid Speed Digitiser

DicomNow enables radiological film images and other physical documents to be converted to digital format.

The DicomNow high resolution scanner will digitize analogue mammography films at very high speeds. Our aims are to provide a tool in the breast screening unit for a number of benefits:

Existing analogue systems can be continued to be used.

The days list of analogue film can be digitized and subjected to CAD review.

Difficult cases can be transmitted to another centre for a third opinion using the Arto Health compression tool. In centres that have converted to digital mammography previous films made be digitised and reviewed on a Dicom viewer.

For an MDM all the mammograms, ultrasound and pathology images can be digitized and reviewed by members of the team at various locations at the same time via PACS.

Interesting analogue films can be digitized for educational training purposes.

All the existing patient files can be digitized and archived on a secure server. Once digitized the film archive may be put into low cost deep storage.

Digitisation of the film archive will also address the Disaster Recovery issues currently being highlighted at a number of centres.