ARTO Health is a DICOM (medical standards) compression and encryption tool designed specifically for use within healthcare information management.

It is compatible with worldwide DICOM standards used in transmitting medical images and associated information in Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS).

Compression Technology, in which very large files are compressed for sending down-line via the Internet, has been proven in a wide variety of situations including the defence industry, financial services and media & communications. It is ideally suited for transferring healthcare data and images as it can be encrypted to exceed industry standards to ensure integrity and protect patient confidentiality.

The high quality and speed in converting mammographic x-rays into a digital format will provide additional benefits in subjecting the analogue films to a computer aided detection (CAD) program.

Nano Imaging can support the global breast screening initiatives to fight breast cancer by providing tele-reporting of mammography, utilising the experience of UK based Consultant Radiologists.

Technical Protocols and Specification